Meditation is very important. In our past caveman days we activated our fight or flight response to escape from predators. It was a matter of life and death so quite appropriate. Nowadays unfortunately we are living in a dysevolutionary environment.  We continually activate this fight or flight response for trivial matters.

This is clearly maladaptive and meditation is all about calming the mind and aborting this fight or flight response. It is about bringing back mind and body relaxation. Stress is the biggest killer of our times.

I have used certain binaural beats training software such as Equisync to bring my mind into a state of relaxation. Alpha rhythm, theta rhythm or delta rhythm are characteristic of meditation and relaxation.

The alpha brain rhythm is the best for peak performance. This is probably because it is in the range of 5 to 8 Hz which is the Schumann frequency/Earths frequency which we have been exposed since the dawn of time.

Evidence shows that best performance usually occurs at this frequency. The body is the most relaxed during this rhythm. So it is important to meditate for at least an hour each day and I use this software for it.

This relaxed state is also associated with increased creativity as well. One should meditate at least for after one hour each day to experience this alpha state. Most people spend the day in the beta state which is a state associated anxiety, stress, tension

Yoga and meditation are associated with increased creativity. Yoga works by increasing parasympathetic tone through deep breathing. This is similar to meditation. Both put you in a state of relaxation. This is associated with the alpha state and increased blood flow to the brain.  The alpha state is more conducive to creativity and inward directed thinking.

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