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I was a basic hard-working student at school. I got to study medicine at Cambridge University and after qualifying in 2000 worked for a whole 18 years in the NHS.

Working NHS was very disillusioning. Not to mention tiring doing on calls with very little reward. Many patients were not treated effectively with standard medical therapies. As much as 50% of patients do not take their medication since they do not believe it will work.

In spite of this the system goes on churning out new drugs every year. Its almost as if the government, the big pharma industry and NHS are in cahoots with one another.

Biohacking is defined as optimising the body for peak performance. The demand is clearly there for non-pharma, nutrition and lifestyle driven ‘hacks’  and I strongly believe this is the new way forward.

Most of the time natural supplements (eg turmeric capsules), are hands down superior and safer to pharmaceutical options. Indeed as much as 25% of drugs are derived from botanicals eg metformin.

Food itself has therapeutic value and as Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.


In good health,

Anil Simhadri

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