Exercises has a number of health benefits. The infographic above shows the benefits associated with cycling. But why does exercise have so many benefits?

Mechanism of beneficial effects of physical activity on atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease

As mentioned in the paper proposed mechanisms for benefits from exercise are:

1) Improved endothelial function
2) Attenuated plaque progression/regression and outward remodelling
3) Stabilization of vulnerable plaques preventing plaque rupture
4) Infarct sparing due to myocardial preconditioning
5) Correction of autonomic imbalance
6) Reduction in myocardial oxygen demand
7) Decreased thrombosis
8) Enhanced collateralization
9) Decreased inflammatory mediator release from skeletal muscle and
adipose tissue

Exercise has multifunctional benefits. Improving endothelial function and the circulatory system are the main benefits. Benefits in the brain will include improved cognitive functioning. People who don’t have time for exercise could do a yoga inversions.  This would improve blood supply to organs that normally counteract gravity for perfusion. Such areas as the brain, face, scalp that lie above the heart.

 Exercise improves parasympathetic vagal tone which is similar to meditation and yoga. These therapies show similar benefits.

The mantra is frequent exercise sessions throughout the day to keep the blood flowing through the body. We were not built to be sitting on a chair for 9+ hours a day.

Exercise is a mild stressor that initiates beneficial adaptive changes throughout the body. The body responds in a positive way.







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