I live in the UK. I saw an allergy specialist. He recommended subcutaneously immunotherapy:

It seems to be helping my allergy. See this:


Useful papers:


Allergy immunotherapy across the lifeDownload

Allergen immunotherapy in people, dogs, cats and horses –Download

Immunotherapy is a very old technique that has been around about 100 years or so. If someone is allergic to something, introducing the allergen in hundredfold increased concentrations should induced tolerance.

I myself have been allergic to housedust mites as long as I can remember. My symptoms are particularly bad in the winter and when I sleep. It causes wheezing and a runny nose (allergic rhinitis).

My allergy specialist carried out antibody testing on myself and found my housedust antibody titres to be elevated. Anything above .35 is elevated.

DERp1, DERp2 and D farina are house dustmite antibodies. These are markedly elevated. The others such as PHL and DPT are antibodies to pollen. These are slightly elevated.

Consequently I’m a candidate for immunotherapy. It will consist of initially of an eight week course of injections given once every week and then a maintainance regime of an injection once every month for the next three years.

As you can see this will prove quite costly. A course of eight injections cost about $200.

At the end of the course I should be 50% tolerant to the house dust mite.

The above picture shows the regime followed. Escalating doses are given for the first four weeks. Then it is escalated again over the next four weeks. This is because the second vial of 10,000 TU/ml is used for the second set of injections. So the second set of injections are 10 times more concentrated. You then have a maintenance one monthly injection of maximal strength. In this case is a .8 of of 10,000TU/ml.

Immunotherapy can be used for housedust mites and hayfever. I suffer from both of these – in the winter housedust mite allergy and in the summer hayfever.

One can have immunotherapy for pollen as well.


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